Onsite Activities

New Demo Zone

FREE try-outs on the technologies and solutions. Expect 8 – 10 demonstrations throughout the 2 days. The Demo Zone allows you to try out the latest innovations and systems for the fulfilment industry including: Forklifts, Robots, Personal Mobility Devices, Electric vehicles.

Have a product to showcase? Stand out from the rest by putting your product in the demo zone to attract even more visitors!

Free eCommerce Seminars

Specially catered for Small-Media-size Enterprises

The brands and retailers have spoken and we’ve heard you! Expect an exciting new segment from Last Mile Fulfilment Asia as we launch a new on-floor eCommerce seminar for SME retailers and brands to cater to your needs. As online retailing becomes quintessential to every retailing business, it is not enough to just be online, but to pick up strategies to stand out from the crowded marketplace. Keep yourself abreast of the latest strategies and tools in selling, marketing and fulfilling your products to the end user.

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Seminar Programme

30 minutes per session

eCommerce Seminar

Day 1

15 March 2018, Thursday

eCommerce Seminar

Day 2

16 March 2018, Friday

  • Selling and Marketing to Millennials and Gen Z
  • Building a Brand Presence
  • Customer Acquisition: Making Social and  Marketing Tools Work for you:
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
    • Snapchat
    • EDMs
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Leveraging Big Data and Analytics

  • Content Marketing

  • Building Customer Loyalty
    • Loyalty Programs
    • Customer Service

  • Increase your Searchability
    • SEO
    • SEM

  • From Online to Offline & Vice Versa. What to do to make it Successful?
    • Opportunity of Pop-Ups
    • Using your Offline Store Effectively
    • Best Practices for Offline to Online
    • Making Brick-and-Mortar Stores Work Harder

  • Selling on Marketplaces
    • Customers are Competitors: Retailers vs. Marketplaces
    • Sell on Tmall
    • Sell on Amazon

  • Is an International Offering Right for your Brand?

  • Exploring New Markets: Get to know what it’s like to operate in new markets:
    • Malaysia
    • Indonesia
    • Thailand
    • Singapore

  • Fulfilment