14 March 2018 | Wednesday

Day One

15 March 2018 | Thursday

Day Two

16 March 2018 | Friday

 Country Spotlight Roundtable:  US-EU-SEA Connections

Main Conference

eCommerce Seminar 

Day 1

Main Conference

eCommerce Seminar

Day 2


The New Paradigm of Retail, Delivery Fulfilment

  • New Models for Collaborative Logistics
  • Differentiating through Delivery
  • Urbanising Logistics

Accelerating the Digital Economy: Facilitating Trade, Boosting eCommerce in the Region

Selling and Marketing to Millennials and Gen Z

Building a Brand Presence

Customer Acquisition: Making Social and  Marketing Tools Work for you:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • EDMs
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Leveraging Big Data and Analytics

Content Marketing

Building Customer Loyalty

  • Loyalty programs
  • Customer Service

Increase your Searchability

  • SEO
  • SEM

 MORNING PLENARY Building A Global, Digital Retail Business

  • Redefining Retail – Investing in the Future for Success, Winning Customers in the Era of Multichannel Retailing
  • Glocalise when Going Global
  • Achieving Total, Connected Retail

From Online to Offline & Vice Versa. What to do to make it Successful?

  • Opportunity of Pop-Ups
  • Using your Offline store effectively
  • Best practices for offline to online
  • Making Brick-and-Mortar Stores Work Harder

Selling on Marketplaces

  • Customers are Competitors: Retailers vs. Marketplaces
  • Sell on Tmall
  • Sell on Amazon

Is an International Offering Right for your Brand?

Exploring New Markets: Get to know what it’s like to operate in new markets:

  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Singapore






 Servicing Next-Generation Consumers

Any Channel, Any Device, Any Time

Globalisation 4.0

Going Cross-Border: Logistical & Payments Challenges in Southeast Asia

Retail 360

Building a Brand through Delivery.

Harmonising Customer Touch Points & Fulfilment.

Urban Logistics Done Right

Operating in an Urban Jungle. New Models, New Realities.

Sustainable Solutions

 Driving Retail Efficiency through Analytics

From In-Store to Online to Warehouse – Social Listening, Analytics & Forecasting

On-Demand Delivery

Turning Days into Hours

Re-Engineering the Customer Journey

Creating Seamless Omnichannel Experiences & Interactions.

Disruption as the New Norm (Technologies) IoT Applications: New Possibilities & Opportunities.

Developing Digital Fitness

 Supply Chain Fit for Today’s Commerce: Bridging Demand Gaps for Traditional Retail & eCommerce

Reliable Logistics for Multichannel Distribution.

Circumventing Slipping Profit Margins in Retail.

 Winning Last Mile

  • Happy Consumers
  • Price Intelligence
  • Segmented Features
  • Cross-Border Easiness

Making Delivery Click

Trends in Same-Day Delivery & Returns.  Click & Collect Models.

Warehouse Overhaul

Smart Automation: Increase Efficiency; Reduce Overheads; Eradicate Mistakes

Autonomous & Smart Vehicles for Economic & Environmental Efficiency

Joint Closing Plenary: ASEAN Single Window & What It Means for eCommerce

Joint Closing Plenary: Global Markets

Workshop A:

Taxation and Customs Consideration in Cross-Border Planning

 Workshop B:

Tackling Logistical Challenges when Growing an Omnichannel Business

Workshop C:

SMB Shipping Cross-Border

Workshop D:

Understanding the Complexities of Online Browsing and In-Store Consumer Behaviour