Executive Director, Global Business Development & Head of Hong Kong & Taiwan
LF Logistics

John is a resourceful supply chain executive with 35 years of comprehensive supply chain management experience, and a proven track record of delivering clearly articulated strategic leadership and execution. With a career spanning three Continents, working with multiple Fortune 500 companies, and utilizing vast skills and capabilities in Business Development, Customer Relationship Management, Operations, Process improvement and Solutions Engineering. John is Interpersonal and articulate, with the ability to leverage strong relationship skills, a detailed and result- orientated style, a desire to do things right the first time, and a focus on achieving strong market growth through the development and delivery of leading edge, commercially viable solutions from start to completion.

John joined the LF Group in January 2007 as Managing Director of IDS Logistics, Hong Kong, from 2009-2013. John was based in the UK with LF Europe as Executive Vice President, returning to Hong Kong as Executive Vice President of LF Logistics, Head of Hong Kong in 2013. Currently Executive Director of LF Logistics, Head of Hong Kong and Head of Global Business development.

John is an Australian citizen, based in Adelaide South Australia, currently living in Sai Kung, New Territories, Hong Kong. Leisure time includes keeping fit, hiking over the numerous Hong Kong trails, previously running marathons in UK, Macau, Hong Kong and the Comrades ultraMarathon in South Africa and finally playing golf badly!