Centre Director, Johannesburg
IE Singapore

Ms Faridah Saad is Centre Director, Johannesburg at International Enterprise Singapore. She is also the commercial secretary for the High of Commission of Singapore (Pretoria). 
As the government agency driving Singapore’s external economy, IE Singapore spearheads the overseas growth of Singapore-based enterprises and promotes international trade. The agency also has a global network in 35 locations, with presence in many emerging markets.
As the Centre Director of the Johannesburg office, Faridah directs IE Singapore’s strategy to develop and strengthen Singapore’s trade and investment links with Southern Africa. She also heads the Africa team’s technology practice and has connected with the tech ecosystems across Africa’s top economies
In her previous portfolio, Faridah served in Project Development Division where she managed cooperation activities with multilateral organisations such as the Asian Development Bank. She oversaw the set-up of the Singapore-based Asia Infrastructure Centre of Excellence (AICOE), a joint project development initiative co-funded by the Government of Singapore, the Government of Canada and the Asian Development Bank. Faridah was seconded to the Singapore Cooperation Enterprise from January 2013 to June 2014 where she worked on bilateral capacity building programmes with the governments of Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam across multiple sectors from Green Building to Public-Private Partnership Procurement.
Faridah holds a Bachelor of Social Science with Honours jointly conferred by the National University of Singapore and Boston University. Faridah is also a recipient of the IE Singapore Scholarship.