Meet key exhibitors and hear from about their latest innovations and strategies in ecommerce fulfilment. The Open Theatre is the only stage for key exhibitors to showcase their capabilities through an intimate and engaging conversation.  The session is open to all to attend.  

Day One | 2 March 2017 | Thursday

 11.00 AM

 An Introduction to C-J Shipping Co

 Li Yan, Founder, C-J  SHIPPING  CO.,LTD, China

 11.30 AM

 Building better businesses through payment innovation

 Manuel San Andres, Associate Director, Sales & Marketing, Asia Pay, Singapore

 12.00 PM

 An introduction to Beijing Keyun Logistics 

 Rebecca Yuan, Project Director, Beijing Keyun Logistics Co. Ltd., China

 12.30 PM

 Networking Lunch

 1.30 PM

 Introduction to GG Investment

 Chi Yi Fang , General Manager, GG. Investment Projects Management Co. Ltd., China

 2.00 PM

 Introduction to Chongqing Azia Supply Chain Management

 Cai Zhen, Deputy General Manager, Chongqing Azia Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd., China

 2.30 PM

 Digital Corporate Partnership

 Benjamin Pua, Business Manager, Yellow Box, Singapore

 3.00 PM

 How do customers use Zyllem?

 Noam Berda, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Zyllem, Singapore

Day Two | 3 March 2017 | Friday
 11.00 AM

 How does Zyllem System work?

 Florian Paulin, Lead Architect, Zyllem, Singapore

 12.00 PM

 Unlock Business Insights from Quality Data

 KH Tan, Chief Technology Officer, AP Link, Singapore

 12.30 PM

 Solving Logistics Problems Using Telephony

 Varun Raj, Head of International Business, Exotel, India

 1.00 PM  Networking Lunch
 3.00 PM

 How can you start with Zyllem?

 Marco De Lorenzo, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer, Zyllem, Singapore


Open Theatre Speakers

Benjamin Pua
Business Manager
Florian Poulin
Lead Architect
KH Tan
Chief Technology Officer
AP Link
Li Yan
Manuel San Andres
Associate Director for Sales & Marketing
AsiaPay Philippines
Marco De Lorenzo
Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer
Varun Raj
General Manager, International Business & Partnerships