14 FEBRUARY 2017 - China is the world's largets e-commerce market with estimated revenues of $715 billion in 2016. Meanwhiole, the e-commerce market in ASEAN is growing rapidly and offers significant business opportunities now and in the years to come. Even with such big market potential, however, it is not easy for Western brands to successfully enter the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets, especially for unknown brands. 

Putting aside how complicated the procedure is to set up company in China and ASEAN, it is costly for new-entry brands to rent and manage a warehouse locally when the sales are hard to predict at the beginning stage. Secondly, constant change in governmental policies towards cross border makes it more challenging for foreign brands to steadily import products to Asia. Therefore, having a local fulfilment and logistics partner to accomplish drop shipment, competitive delivery and custom clearance, not only saves costs, but also assures good consumer experience. 

ANTNEZ created in Singapore in 2016, definitely can give emerging brands strong support in the successful entry to China and ASEAN. ANTNEZ, is an international logistics and fulfillment company that connects Europe and USA with China and Southeast Asia. With a 58,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Los Angeles and a 25,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Singapore, as well as a state-of-the-art WMS and TMO, ANTNEZ offers an efficient and high-quality direct delivery service to and from China and South-East Asia.

When it comes to the reason why ANTNEZ establishes the 25,000 sq. ft. warehousing facilities in Singapore, Mr. Aloysius Kee, the Director and founder of ANTNEZ said “Singapore is the world’s second largest business port, handling 20% of all global shipping containers. Changi Airport’s air freight terminal is directly connected to 80 countries and over 100 cities worldwide. More importantly, Singapore’s renowned legal system protecting global brands, makes it the best transit port for shipping Western products into China and ASEAN, as well as exporting made-in-China goods to the rest of the world.”

Besides innovative cross-border fulfilment and logistics service provided by ANTNEZ, its sister company 13ANTZ, an international sourcing center in China, offers all their clients a localised marketing and efficient sales service. “It is essential to communicate with Asian consumers in their own language. However, many Western brands do not know how to present their brand using localized language, tone of voice, images etc., or even have no idea on how to reach their target audience in Asia” spoke by the Marketing Director of 13ANTZ, Joern Clausen, who has 17 years of brand building and management experience in renowned companies, “so through our extensive knowledge and network in sourcing, marketing and sales, we want to help our clients localise their brands and efficiently sell your products across China and South-East Asia. ANTNEZ provides fulfilment and logistics service, and 13ANTZ offers tailor-made marketing support, reliable retail channels and partners.”

ANTNEZ together with 13ANTZ solve the four key cross-border e-commerce issues - fulfilment, logistics, marketing and channels, for emerging brands who may not have much working capital, local resource, or marketing budget. It is predicted that a new gateway to China and ASEAN for emerging Western brands has come out.

For more information about ANTNEZ and 13ANTZ, please kindly write an email to: info@13antz.com