KOREA, 7 FEBRUARY 2017 - Mesh Korea is participating in the LMF Asia 2017 because it is an opportunity for growth and insight. Especially, with the internet boom, new customer segmentations and needs have been detected and without consideration we will never succeed in logistics industry. Due to Seoul, the most crowded mega city in the world, Seoul’s geographical and logistics infrastructural specifics, Mesh Korea has become the first last mile logistics portal solution provider. What it means everything you are looking for the last mile including physical delivery services, simple plug in typed API into your website & mobile apps, route routing for drivers, dock scheduling at your storage, tracking field for both of the sellers and customers, and text alarms to your end users, are all here with us at one glance. In short, we are providing our TMS engine, TMS engine + relevant S/W, 4 types of Last mile related Logistics Services, O2O marketplace with last mile logistics to offline based shop owners, and combination of all of those. (Franchise us as the most cost effective shortcut provider to become AMAZON PRIME.) In short, we would like to be connected with the world-wide clients who possess above needs. 

Mesh Korea is rapidly growing in South Korea, and although our services are centered in the capital, Seoul city, we are currently searching for potential clients and markets in other regions. Along with the process, we are considering expansion into Southeast Asia. For this to be successful, understanding the market and differentiating our platform from other services is the key success factor. I believe we can learn from our competitors who are participating in LMFAsia 2017 and also exchange our unique experiences. 


JB Rhyu, the CEO and founder of Mesh Korea, won the Minister's Prize of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on the 2016 Korea Logistics Awards

Vroong, Mesh Korea's logistics brand, represents Mesh Korea's nationwide logistics infrastructure and network with two-wheeled vehicles

Vroong TMS, Transportaion Management Solution developed by Mesh Korea