SINGAPORE, 8 FEBRUARY 2017 - One of the greatest challenges faced by logistic companies in Asia is how to ensure efficient cross border delivery, as most Asian countries do not share the same address format, batches of non-standard delivery addresses are difficult to convert into accurate geocode. Ent-Vision launches new Address Standardisation integrated with GeoAnalytics to standardise addresses, enabling you to optimize your route planning for most efficient cross border last mile delivery.

Facilitate Efficient Route Planning for Last Mile Delivery

Ent-Vision Address Standardisation is able to handle unstructured batch addresses from various sources, cleanse and standardise into specific segment such as street, building and postal code, and further transform the addresses into GPS coordinates with pinpoint on the map. The Logistic Manager can then optimise resources with dynamic route planning based on nearest delivery locations on a particular day. The integrated address standardisation feature helps to reduce delivery cost significantly, optimising operational efficiency while improving customer satisfaction.

Provide Meaningful Cartograms for Business Decision

The Ent-Vision GeoAnalytics is capable of overlaying demographic and client data on geographical map to create meaningful cartograms. The business manager can view concentration of particular distribution on the heat map to derive sound business decision.The GeoAnalytics feature helps top management gain deeper business insights and ability to explore untapped opportunities.   

Asian Address Capability, Multi-Lingual Support

Ent-Vision architecture is designed from ground up and is created with Asian practice in mind. It is capable of handling many Asian countries’ contact addresses with multi-lingual support and is well suited for the linguistically rich and diverse Asian market. 

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About Ent-Vision

Ent-Vision is the Asia leading Data Quality and Data Preparation solution developed by AP Link Pte Ltd.  The suite of services include Data Cleansing & Standardization, Account Linking and Data Enrichment. It is empowered by Natural Language Programming with machine learning algorithm to mine business intelligence and enrich enterprise database.