16 FEBRUARY 2017 - CarPal, a leading same-day on-demand delivery service provider in Singapore, has recently announced the official launch of its new SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) flagship product: CarPal Fleet. CarPal Fleet is an enterprise technology solution that allows businesses to control the whole supply chain without (fully) owning it; while a dedicated support team assists businesses to scale and grow faster with the use of our system.

Launched in July 2014, CarPal is one of the pioneering on-demand logistics service based on sharing economy in Singapore. Over the past 2.5 years, CarPal has steadily grown into a popular and reliable last-mile delivery service for consumers and businesses alike, delivering anything from fresh food, flowers, clothing, household appliances to furniture items. Tapping into a pool of over 10,000 freelance drivers with a wide spectrum of vehicles (motorcycles, regular cars, MPVs, vans, etc.), CarPal has maintained a high quality of service through extensive driver onboarding process, driver performance management and unparalleled customer support.

CarPal’s corporate clientele includes well-known brands such as Cat & The Fiddle, Lady M, Saint Laurent, Twelve Cupcakes, Oddle, SaladStop!, ezbuy, Charlotte Puxley Flowers, acommerce, Changi Recommends, Maki-San, P.S. Cafe, Awfully Chocolate, Kapok, Pantler, ZEN Rooms, Dine Inn, etc.

CarPal is set to revolutionize the logistics industry yet again with its new enterprise solution targeting businesses with large delivery needs. CarPal Fleet is a newly-launched enterprise solution which helps to streamline the operational processes of businesses with some of the following characteristics:

  • High volume of delivery orders (e.g. 500+ orders daily)
  • In-house operation team
  • In-house fleet of drivers and/or vehicles
  • ​Unpredictable or peak volume on certain days

​CarPal transforms cumbersome last-mile logistics into delightful delivery management. Our intuitive smartphone apps, powerful web dashboard, and seamless customer notifications handle the heavy lifting so your business can focus on what really matters. Please see below for some of the key features of our enterprise solution:

  • Omni-Channel Access: To provide you team with the best user-experience possible, CarPal is continuously seeking ways to make supply chain management easier. Manage your deliveries and drivers through our user-friendly web platform, or download the CarPal app to track the status of your orders on the go.
  • Order Monitoring: CarPal enables you to provide on-demand deliveries to your customers, you can dispatch in-house or contract drivers up to 30 minutes before the requested pickup time. It is essential to keep an overview on all orders and track potential delays for both on-demand and scheduled deliveries.
  • Live Tracking: Driver locations are collected from the device’s native location service, which combines GPS, cell-tower, wifi, and other sensor data to accurately pinpoint a driver’s latitude and longitude while on-duty. Track your fleet in real-time and access records for all past orders. View the exact route taken and analyse the pickup and drop-off timings for each order.
  • Spreadsheet Import: For bulk deliveries with multiple locations, CarPal allows you to upload spreadsheets with just a few clicks. Our software will automatically group the locations together based on your indicated parameter and preference.
  • Analytics: CarPal’s interactive analytics page enables you to view historical data on orders, drivers and customers in actionable graphics, making it easier to identify peak hours, seasonality, as well as forecast future delivery needs.
  • Fleet of Contractors: In certain markets, we have a fleet of contract drivers available. The vehicles of contract drivers range from bikes, cars, vans to trucks. You may choose to tap into this pool to expand your existing fleet of drivers.
  • White-Label, API Integration and Customization: The CarPal Fleet system can be white-labeled to suit your business needs. We have an API available for integration with your existing systems. Requests for customizations are possible. Depending on the existing development roadmap, we will quote a rate for your customized integration.

​“Over the past few years we learned that many of our customers wish to build their own fleet of drivers. This is mainly due to specific requirements or SOP. Hence launching a product to give customers full control over the operations made a lot of sense.” says Maarten Hemmes, founder and CEO of CarPal.

For more information regarding our innovative on-demand supply chain enterprise solution, please go to our website to see a more extensive list of product features, current customers, or request a demo.

About CarPal
Launched in July 2014, CarPal is transforming the way local goods move around in cities. We are building a platform and the technology that allows any consumer, small business or large corporation to plug-and-play a supply chain solution on-demand, allowing them to reduce costs and increase flexibility. CarPal opens a new world where local supply chain management and analytics become a breeze and fun to operate. Keep operations lean, customers happy and continue making fast decisions. Since launch, CarPal has been met with immediate success and exponential growth. CarPal is currently serving thousands of consumers as well as businesses across different industries in Singapore, and expanding to multiple locations in the South East Asia.

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